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Brief Introduction of New Products

Writer:Jason WeiSource:SanLi Number of visits: Date:Nov 27,2020

Recently, our company has updated three small-type seed Air screen cleaning machines, which are specially produce for users with different needs. The 5XFS-1 model seed cleaner is customized for rice seed; the 5XFS-100 type is customized for seed sample test of scientific research institutes, agricultural universities and seed breeding companies and the 5XZC-200 type cleaning machine is specially designed for cleaning low yield seeds and vegetable seed.

Although these three types equipment have different structures, but their seed processing principles are similar, and they are all air-screen type cleaner. That is, use negative pressure wind to suck out the lighter impurities, and use vibrating screen to remove the larger and smaller size impurities from the seeds.

They are all small size, simple operation and high cleanliness. Regardless of the appearance, the rationality of the structure, and the reliability of the transmission components, these three machine are excellent seed cleaning machines in the market segment, which fully reflects our company's high level of research and development of manufacturing.

Below I will focus on explaining the main features and differences of these three machines for the convenience of friends to purchase:

I. 5XFS-1 Seed cleaning machine 

It adopts a fold-back and double-layer vibrating screen structure, which is mainly composed of lifting device, air screen device, vibrating screen device, and an electric control device. The maximum processing capacity is about 1000Kg/h (base on wheat). It is suitable for small-scale seed and grain processing units. The maximum processing capacity is about 1000Kg/h (base on wheat).

II.5XFS-100 Seed cleaning machine (Laboratory use)



Adopts electromagnetic vibration feeder, which can accurately control the feeding amount. The air suction and screening parts are full frequency conversion stepless control of air volume and vibration frequency. The inclination angle of vibrating screen can be adjusted electrically. The screen cleaning is convenient, and the sieve change is fast and simple. which is suitable for scientific research institutes and seed companies at all levels. The maximum processing capacity is about 100Kg/h (base on wheat).

III. 5XZC-200 Seed cleaning machine

This equipment is specially designed for cleaning vegetable seeds. It has air screen, vibrating screen for removing light, bigger and smaller impurities, and also can used as a grading machine. This machine is composed of air screen, vibrating screen, electric control device and bracket device. It has the advantages of small footprint, simple operation and high processing clarity. It can clean various crops, and especially suitable for cleaning vegetable seeds. The maximum processing capacity is about200Kg/h (base on wheat).

"Sanli” Company as an important manufacturer of seed processing equipment in China, we will certainly uphold the humble scientific research concept and make our contribution to enrich the development of equipment in the seed processing industry.