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Brief analysis on the adjustment method of gravity table part of combination seed cleaner

Writer:Jason WeiSource:SanLi Number of visits: Date:Apr 20,2021

Brief analysis on the adjustment method of gravity table part of combination seed cleaner

At present, the combination seed cleaner is more popular in China, because it with large processing capacity, small footprint, less labor, and high productivity per kW. So it is loved by the majority of seed companies and grain processing companies.

The combination cleaner is mainly composed of elevator, dust collector, air suction part, gravity table part and vibration screening part. Some models can also add equipment such as wheat hulling machine, rice seed bearder, bag-type duster, etc.

Because of its complete functions, the combination cleaner is more complex in structure. The adjustment of the gravity table is the most important part, and the result of the adjustment directly determines the cleanliness of the material.

Now just on the proportion of the gravity table adjustment, a brief introduction.

1Air volume adjustment for gravity table

1-1Air inlet volume adjustment

Here is the air inlet of gravity table. The air inlet can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the slide damper. When processing crops with small bulk density, such as sesame or flax seed, sliding to the left, the air volume decreases; when processing crops such as corn or soybean, sliding to the right, the air volume increases.

1-2 Air discharge volume adjustment

This is the adjustment handle for air discharge. For example, when processing the light volume weight crops(such as sesame seed), required small air volume, slide the handle downward, The pointer value is smaller, the opening gap of the air exhaust damper is larger, then the air volume of gravity table is the smaller. On the contrary, the smaller the exhaust air volume, the larger the air volume on the gravity table.

1-3 Air even adjustment

This is the adjusting handle of the air even damper. When it is found that there are more light gravity impurities in the finished product, it indicates that the air pressure at the discharge end of gravity table is too high, The handle needs to be adjusted to the right. The pointer value is large, thelarger the inclination angle of the air even damper inside the gravity table is, which canreduce the air pressure at the discharge end of the gravity table.

2. Adjustment for impurity discharge damper of gravity table

This is the handle for adjustment impurity discharge of gravity table. The operation principles are as follows:

1. When the equipment is just started, it is recommended that the user adjust the handle to the top end. At this time, the discharge damper is shown in Figure 1. The crop is piled up at the impurity discharging end of gravity table to produce a certain crop layer thickness.

2. After the equipment has been running for a few of time, the crop is spread all over the table and has a certain crop layer thickness. At this time, gradually lower the handle position, so that the damper gradually tilted, when adjusted to there is no good crop in the impurity, then it is for the best damper position.

The damper is shown in Figure 2.

To sum up, the adjustment of gravity table of combination cleaner is mainly the adjustment of air volume and impurity discharge part. It seems simple, but it also needs users to operate for a period of time, and then it can be flexibly mastered and used.

As an important manufacturer in the seed processing equipment industry of China, our company has produce the first generation of combination cleaners in the year of 2008.  Now the combination cleaners have formed a series of modular products, and there are more than 30 models. At present, our company still invests a lot of research and development energy in the combination selecting machine, and keeps putting 2-3 new models on the market every year to meet the needs of the majority of users.

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