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  • Product name: 5XZC-5BX/ 5DX Air screen cleaner
  • Product number: 2015.03
  • On time: 2015-06-30
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5XZC-5BX/5DX Air screen cleaner


The 5XZC-5BX/5DX Air-screener has 3-4 layers sieve, With a very wide range of sieves available, this machine is very versatile and can be used for seed cleaning of almost all crops.

The machines sift based on aerodynamics and the surface speed difference of seed and impurities, adjusting the seed of the air current. As impurities are light, they are sucked into the cyclone duster, while seed is heavy and is transferred into a vibrating screen. The vibrating screen has Three or Four layers sieves with four or five outlet which eject large impurities, small impurities and seed respectively, The vibration screen used for separating seeds according different sizes.


1.The machine works with 3-4 sieve levels, The sieve are cleaned on ball frames, with rubber balls.

2.The rubber ball sifting structure complies with international standards, Sanli’s patented rubber ball is highly elastic, endures and long lasting.

3.The sieves are tightly fit in the machine by a clamp-locking system for quick changing of the sieves and thorough cleaning of the machine.

4.      The volume of air is variable and adjusted from minimum to maximum by a controlling handle, assuring very accurate cleaning and sorting of seeds. The blowerhas a very stable and reproducible output.

5.Transparent inspection windows for easy inspection and clean out.

6.Very easy and thorough cleaning of the machine and no contamination risk.

7.No wooden frames on the sieves where seeds can hide.

8.With cyclone duster, Environmentally friendly model.

Technical parameters






5000 Kg/h

5000 Kg/h

Size (L×W×H)



Sieve Layers




1650 Kg

1700 Kg

Power supply


Total power

7.74 kW

8.1 kW

Selection rate






Broken rate



Impurities rate




With Cyclone duster


Note: The capacities may vary depending on seed condition, moisture content, seed varieties, types and volumes of contaminants to be separated and percentage of foreign material acceptable in the final product.