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  • Product name: 5XZ-5A Gravity separator (Fixed type)
  • Product number: 2015.23
  • On time: 2015-07-06
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5XZ-5A Gravity separator


Brief Introduction

Gravity table are capable of separating dry granular particles of uniform size which differ in specific gravity. They are employed throughout the seed industry to remove light undesirable seed from a wide variety of seed crops. Proper use of a Sanli Gravity Separator will improve the overall quality of any seed lot.

5XZ series gravity table have a rectangular deck so that the product travels a longer distance resulting in cleaner separation of light and heavy particles. The product flows over the vibrating deck in which pressurized air is forced through causing the material to stratify according to its specific weight. The heavier particles travel to the higher level and the lighter particles travel to the lower level of the deck.

Better maintenance access and improved serviceability. And the automated controls promote precision, repeatability and ease of use

It may be used to separate and standardize sunflower seed, coffee, peanuts, corn, peas, paddy, wheat, sesame and other food grains.

Technical parameters





Wheat seed

4000-5000 Kg/h

4000-6000 Kg/h


3500-4500 Kg/h

3500-5500 Kg/h

Bean &Peas

3000-4000 Kg/h

3000-5000 Kg/h

Rice seed

2400-3000 Kg/h

2400-3500 Kg/h

Sunflower seed

1000-1500 Kg/h

1000-2000 Kg/h

Overall Size (L×W×H)



Screen size

3150×1380 mm


1390 Kg

1420 Kg

Power supply

380V / 50Hz / 3-Phase

Total power

9.0 kW

9.2 kW

Selection rate



Side opening




Can with Cyclone duster

Note: The capacities may vary depending on seed condition, moisture content, seed varieties, types and volumes of contaminants to be separated and percentage of foreign material acceptable in the final product.