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  • Product name: 5XFZ-7.5/ 10 Combination maize cleaner
  • Product number: 2015.90
  • On time: 2015-07-07
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5XFZ-7.5/ 10 Combination maize cleaner

Main features:

1-Advanced technology: The machine integrates wend-sieve, gravity separator and vibration sieve. The frequency of the gravity platform is controlled by a seamless electromagnetic process. The overall performance of this product is one of the best machine in world.

2-High productivity: The machine has a highly efficient and rapid processing method , and is particularly suitable for processing and roasting operations.

3-Wide applications: The machine is ideal for cleaning melon seed (sunflower seed, water melon seed, white melon seed, red water melon seed, etc) beans, wheat, corn and rice grain and other grain-like materials.

Environmental protection: The machine comes with a cyclone duster system. It can remove dust and other light impurities.

Technical specification






Rice seed

1500-3000 Kg/h

3000-5000 Kg/h

Wheat seed

5000-7000 Kg/h

7500-8500 Kg/h

Maize and beans

4000-6500 Kg/h

7000-8000 Kg/h


6000×2350×3560 mm

6000×2350×3560 mm

Sieve size(L×W×Layers)

2400×1250mm×3 layers

2400×1500mm×3 layers

Size of gravity table



Selecting rate

≥ 97%

≥ 97%

Broken rate

≤ 0.2%

≤ 0.2%

Total power

15.2 kW

16.2 kW


2800 Kg

3100 Kg