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        Air-screen Cleaner

        1.The machines sift based on aerodynamics and the surface speed difference of seed and impurities, adjusting the seed of the air current. As impurities are light, they are sucked into the ejection chamber, while seed is heavy and is transferred into a vibrating sift having passed through air sifting...

        seed cleaner with thresher

        The combination Air-screener is the combination version of the SL and suitable for all kinds of seeds. This machine is specially designed for operation in corn, as for it has corn Sheller or wheat huller. And A wide range of sieves makes the machine suitable for almost any crop.The machines sift bas...

        Compound selector

        5XF Series compound selector came on the market in 2004. Users benefit from their processing capacity, design, technology and Sanli's customer service and after service.The machine can be used for processing grain, oil seeds and other agricultural byproducts. The machines can also be used for siftin...

        Gravity separator

        5XZ series gravity separator applicable to a variety of grains (such as: wheat, corn, rice, sunflower seed, barley, beans, sorghum and vegetable seeds, etc.) . It can select grain from mildew grain, worm-eaten grain, smut disease grain, bad grain, germinate grain, shell grain, and also other impurit...

        Seed coating machine

        This machine uses rotary quantitative feeding device, continuous gives the material with continuous injecting quantitative drug liquid, which is controlled by drug liquid flow controller, and it called “continuous quantitative type of drug supplying”, so it give an accurately proportion of seed and ...


        The 5XZQ-6 Blowing type gravity De-stoner primarily used for the food process business enterprise, separate the stone, pebble, clod from wheat, paddy, corn, sesame etc , according to material weight difference. This machine adopt vibration electric engineering as vibration source, having the charact...

        Sunflower seed processing machine

        The series has a large processing capacity when compared with other similar products available in China market. Besides seed processing. This series is also suitable for processing and grading agriculture byproducts including (sunflower seed, white melon seed, water melon seed, red water melon seed ...

        Beans processing equipment

        The series of PG beans polishing machine is base on the spiral axis of rotation, so that the material can replace in the process of fluidization, and in the process it can be scrub by the fixed axis cotton cloth ,it is ideal for beans to achieve good effect of polishing. It can remove the dust and s...


        DTY series bucket elevator main function is to transported the seed or other materials to a certain height with less damage or no damage the case, in order to processing seeds or other dry material.DTY series bucket elevator not only be used for seed, it also made to meet the food sector, feed indus...

        Packing machine and color sorter

        The machine consists of feed hopper,vibratory feeder,weighing machine, weighting hopper, door opening mechanism etc. Suitable for weighting of disperse products. The weighting machine adopts reliable load sensor.

        Seed processing line

        It mainly include Wheat huller/corn thresher, Air-screen cleaner, Gravity separator, Seed coating machine and bucket elevator. It is movable type line, each unit can work independent, easy operation and maintenance.

        Auxiliary equipments

        Automation weight Automation moisture test Automation temperature compensationRevision moisture pre test Automation switch off Newest compensation mode Setup standard by customer