Our company produces various single machines, machine sets and complete equipments with many specifications such as thresher, huller, cleaner, selector, stoning machine, seed pelleter, grader, hoisting and conveying equipment, etc. and can also provide seed inspection and testing instruments, measuring packing machines and color sorter. Meanwhile, our company has obtained countless honors such as “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit”, “Advanced Taxpaying Unit”, “Consumer Trustworthy Unit”, “AAA-level Demonstration Unit for Quality, Service and Credit”. Many products including seed processing vehicle and seed pelleter have obtained national patents. Furthermore, the seed cleaner has won the Certificate of “Qualified Product with Stable Quality”, and the seed processing vehicle has won “Hebei Agricultural Machinery Promotion Certificate”. In order to better serve the vast users all over the world, and in order to meet the company's global strategic layout, Shijiazhuang Sanli Grain Selection Machinery Co., Ltd. wholly-owned Shijiazhuang QinTong Imp & Exp Trade Co., Ltd. was established. Qintong company is a collection of agricultural machinery design, manufacture, project consulting, product sales as one integrated company.

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Seed treater manufacturers take you to understand seed processing

Seed treater manufacturers tell you that seed processing: also called seed mechanical processing, refers to mechanized operations such as seed threshing, selection, drying, selection grading, coating, and packaging. Seed treater manufacturers tell you that the development of the seed processing industry is a sign of the modernization of seed production.

How Gravity destoner works

Gravity destoner is mainly based on the different characteristics of the specific gravity and suspension speed of sand and rice, using a slanted screen surface with certain movement characteristics and the wind force passing through the fish scale holes on the screen surface to separate the grains and stones (the suction-type Gravity destoner also requires a larger air volume).

Seed destoner manufacturers take you to understand how specific gravity destoner works

Seed destoner manufacturers tell you that the specific gravity destoner uses vibration motion, adjusts the airflow, and adjusts the inclination of the screen surface to separate grain and gravel. Grain is a granular body composed of particles with different particle sizes and specific gravity. When subjected to vibration or moving in a certain state, various particles will be divided into different levels according to their specific gravity, particle size, shape, and surface state.

How a Gravity Destoner Works

First, the material enters the Gravity Destoner from the upper feeding port, and before reaching the first stage of the upper screen, it is set by adjusting the screed plate adjustment plate of the feeding box. The material is automatically and evenly distributed on the top screen. The upper screen in the Gravity Destoner automatically generates the material according to the gravity of the material through the combined action of the reciprocating vibration and the upward airflow.

Analysis of Main Factors Affecting Crop Bulk Density

How to use Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

The chemical decomposition process of the Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer 1. When digesting with Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, 6 Kjeldahl flasks should be prepared and labeled. Add 1.0 mL of protein solution of appropriate concentration to flasks 1, 2, and 3 respectively. The sample should be added to the bottom of the flask, and do not stick to the mouth and neck of the flask.

Seed destoner manufacturers take you to understand the role of seed processing machinery

Seed destoner manufacturers tell you that seed processing machinery plays an important role in the process of seed processing. 1. Seed impurities are all kinds of strange and different in nature: Seed destoner manufacturers tell you that seeds are classified according to geometric size, including large and small impurities; according to length, there are long and short impurities; according to weight, there are light impurities and heavy impurities.

Seed destoner manufacturers take you to understand the process effect analysis of destoner

Seed destoner manufacturers tell you that destoner is common equipment in grain processing plants. Its working principle is that according to the specific gravity and suspension speed of wheat and impurities, with the help of the upward airflow, the wheat and the side stone, the heavy wheat and the light wheat is separated, so as to achieve the purpose of grading heavy wheat and light wheat and removing stones and mud in the wheat. Seed destoner manufacturers tell you that destoner is mainly used for grading and destoner before grinding or oil extraction of wheat, rice, peanut, corn, soybean, etc. It can also be used for seed selection.

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