C- type Bucket Elevator

The C-type bucket elevator is named for its resemblance to the English letter “C”. The inlet and outlet are located on the same side of the equipment and are widely used in places with limited location or special feeding requirements.


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C- type Bucket Elevator

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DTY Series Bucket elevator

Capacity:3-30T/h (Base on wheat seed)

Screw conveyor

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SL Series belt conveyor

SL Series Belt conveyor Description: The SL series Belt conveyor is a kind of movable, tilted belt converyance equipment, which c an be used converying both bulk and packing goods. It can be applied mainly to grain conveyance, Piling up, store house bulk emptying and conveyiing other grain goods as well as conveyance of package materials and goods stacking. In addition, It can be operated in storehouse or co-operated with other storehous machines.

T- type Bucket Elevator

The two inlet feeding hopper of T-type bucket elevator are not on the same side, while the outlet hopper are located at the same position above. It is mainly used in the case that two equipment are combined and lifted to the same point.

Z Type Bucket Elevator

Z-type rotary bucket elevator has obvious advantages such as large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation, long service life and so on.