5XZQ-6 Gravity De-stoner

Max-Capacity: 6T/h (Base on wheat seed)


Gravity De-stoner Destoner stoner pepper destoner grain destoner seed destoner paddy destoner

5XZQ-6 Gravity De-stoner

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5XZ-5B Gravity table

Max-capacity: 6T/h (Base on wheat seed) with side opening

5XZ-8 Gravity table

Max-capacity: 8T/h (Base on wheat seed)

5XZC-7.5DXA Air screen cleaner um grader

Max-Capacity: 7.5T/h(Base on wheat seed) With 4 layers sieve.

5XZQ-8 Gravity Destoner

Floating-axis rotation, with balancing device, Simple structure, stable operation, small size, high efficiency, safety and reliability.

5XFZ-10 Combination seed cleaner with gravity table

Max-Capacity: 10T/h (Base on wheat seed) Horizontal air aspiration+ Gravity table+ Vibration screen