How to choose oil sunflower seed cleaning machine

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Recently, we have received many inquiry about oil sunflower seed cleaning machine. In view of the arrival of the oil sunflower seed harvest and processing season, we write this article, hope can provide some pertinent suggestions and help for the friends who are engaged in oil sunflower seed processing industry.

Recently, we have received many inquiry about oil sunflower seed cleaning machine. In view of the arrival of the oil sunflower seed harvest and processing season, we write this article, hope can provide some pertinent suggestions and help for the friends who are engaged in oil sunflower seed processing industry.

1.Processing and characteristics of oil sunflower seed

For varieties with small grains and not easy to fall, use the machine to harvest and threshing. For larger grains and easy to shatter, use manual harvesting and threshing. After the harvest, the sunflower discs are spread flat on the field. After drying, the grains become small and loose. Then they can be beaten with machinery, wooden sticks or other tools, mechanical threshing may cause the oil sunflower seeds to break or discolor.

After threshing, the oil sunflower seeds are dried and the moisture can below 13%. At this time, the seed coat is hard, its easy to crack use finger press and the seed kernel is more easily broken by hand grinding, then it can be screened and storage.

Most of the oil sunflower seeds are used for squeezing oil. For small-scale oil mills and oil sunflower purchase users, the clarity requirements for oil sunflower seeds are not too high, and some straw and other impurities can be allowed exist.

2.Oil sunflower seed cleaning machine recommendation

The bulk density of oil sunflower seeds is lighter, about 20% of wheat. Most seed cleaning manufacturers use wheat seeds as the standard for processing capacity, therefor, when inquiring about equipment, must inform want to clean oil sunflower seed; If order online, please note the choice of model, since the number on model also based on processing wheat seed.

2.1 Air screen cleaner

The air screen cleaner of our company is mainly based on the 5XZC and 5XF series and there are more than 20 models. The processing capacity of oil sunflower is about 600-3000Kg/h, mainly with 3 or 4 layers of sieves, which can be used to remove light impurities, large impurities and small impurities in oil sunflower seeds. If necessary, while removing impurities, it can also be grading according to the thickness of the oil sunflower seeds.

Take the most popular 5XZC series for example, Its main mechanisms include electric control devices, bucket elevators, vertical wind separation devices, dust collectors and vibrating screens.

Working procedure: Pour the oil sunflower seeds into the feeding bucket of the elevator, lift them by the elevator, and enter the air screen through the inclined feeding pipe and bulk grain box. Light impurity enters the dust collector through the air screen and air duct, and is discharged from the impurity discharge outlet; The rest enters the screening machine, the selected large waste, small waste and qualified products are discharged from the outlets of the grain box and bagged . In this process, if necessary, the air screen control handle and the air damper control handle can be adjusted to adjust the air volume. If grading is required, the operation level is the same as above, but the sieve must be replaced first, and the feeding amount can be appropriately increased.

2.2 BM series movable gravity table

Some friends often ask they have bought a seed cleaning machine, but think the straw can’t remove utterly. Can they improve clarity on the basis of the exist cleaning machine? In this case, we generally recommend add a movable gravity table.

The air screen cleaner mainly cleaning the seeds by external size, and the larger and smaller impurities in the oil sunflower seeds are removed through the limitation of the sieve aperture. But some impurities, such as straw, whose diameter is close to the thickness of oil sunflower seeds, are not easy to remove with a air screen cleaner.

BM series gravity table is mainly composed of electronic control device, bucket elevator, gravity table and impurities removal device. It has the characteristics of convenient movement, small footprint and easy operation.

It is especially suitable for those who already have pre-cleaning equipment at home and want to improve the clarity of sunflower seeds. The BM series of mobile gravity table can be used in combination with its own elevator and primary selection machine.

2.3  5XFZ series combination seed cleaner

The 5XFZ series of combination seed cleaners are the most important products of our company. There are more than 30 models, we can recommend the most suitable model according customers requirement.  The air separation part is divided into horizontal air screens and double vertical air screens; The air inlet method of the gravity table includes fan type and fan motor type, and has been modularized. Users can also choose single gravity or double gravity tables; The vibrating screen is also divided into top model and bottom model. This series of models integrates wind selection, gravity selection, and vibration selection, with more powerful functions. It is especially suitable for medium and large oil sunflower processing, purchasing units, and oil sunflower seed selection enterprises. The selected oil sunflower seeds have a higher clarity, which can meet the seed clarity standard.

Take the most popular 5XFZ-25G combination seed cleaner as an example, its processing step is: elevator feeding--primary air selection-upper vibration selection--secondary air selection--gravity selection--lower vibration selection. The processing process is more scientific and meets the requirements of the seed selection process.

2.4 Complete seed processing line

The complete processing line is suitable for the selection of oil sunflower and other seeds. Generally speaking, the complete set of equipment is mainly composed of air screen cleaning machine, positive gravity separator, De-stoner, seed coating, seed grading machine and quantitative packaging machine, etc. And includes electronic control, dust removal equipment and conveying equipment.

Our company has strong research and development technology, can customize and design complete sets according to customer requirements to meet the requirements of industrial production.

2.5 Oil sunflower seed hulling line and sunflower kernel processing line

sunflower kernel processing line

To sum up, our company’s oil sunflower seed processing equipment has a range of model and reliable quality. Hard-working "Sanli people" continue to improve existing products and develop new products to meet your requirement.

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