LY-B Peanut sheller

Peanut sheller include stone sorting machine and peanut shelling machine. Control easily; low trouble rate; high capacity

Broad Bean Peeler

Reasonable structure, electromagnetic speed regulation. Removal rate is high. The characteristics of automatic separation of hull and kernel. Mainly used for beans, soybeans, mung beans, red beans and other beans peeling processing.

Peanut Washing Machine

The machine is consist of hopper, brush roller, conveyor, discharging screen and water feeding device.

Peanut Dry Way Peeler

The machine is the most advanced equipment for peeling peanut currently, which has the characteristic of reasonable structured, stable operation, long service life, high peeling rate. It also can be combined with many sets.

Peanut coating machine

The machine is a dedicated equipment for coated peanut. Mainly used for making coated peanut. With the characteristics of stable rotation, low noise and non-pollution.

Peanut Wet Way Peeler

The machine has reasonable design, compact structure, the principle and the special imitation of hand peeling peeling principle.

Peanut Kernel Grader

The machine has big, middle and small three models, has the characteristics of compact structure, working stable, overall screening and easy operation.

Peanut Granulator

This machine is the most advanced equipment in China domestic which can classify accurately, and have high yield, no pollution.

Peanut Destoner

The characteristics of this machine is running stable, small vibration, lower noise and good effect. It is the ideal machine for peanut cleaning.

Peanut Peeling and Half Separating Machine

The machine has high half-grain rate, High efficiency, lower noise. It can complete half-grain and peeling simultaneously.

Peanut Paste Grinding Machine

It is a necessary equipment for peanut and sesame to grind after roasting and peeling. It not only can work alone, but also can be used in production line.
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