GM006 Grain Moisture Tester

GM006 Grain Moisture Tester


Grain Moisture Tester Seed moisture meter Grain water tester

GM006 Grain Moisture Tester

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LDS Seed Moisture Tester

LDS-1H/1S/1G Seed grain moisture meter

SLY-C plus Automatic Seed Counter

SLY-C Plus Microcomputer Automatic Seed Counter Instrument for Various Shapes Seeds

CFY-3 Seed Blower

CFY-3 Electric seed blower for Laboratory

JJSG22×12 Seed test sieve

JJSG22×12 Seed test sieve This product is to test the grains particles, impurity rate and sample the rice, bran powder content to determine its quality level of a test instrument.

GM005 Grain moisture meter

GM005 Grain moisture meter

GM640 Grains Moisture Meter

This instrument is a grain moisture tester which can measure moisture content of multiple kinds of grains fast. It applies to allocation, Procurement, storage and processing of grains. This instrument can also measure temperature of the grain.

TK100C Cotton moisture meter

Cotton Moisture Meter is a valuable testing instrument during the cotton collection, processing and when buying or selling. The newly designed TK100C utilizes the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance to effectively measure the moisture content of cotton, seed-cotton and cotton bale.

TK100H Forage grass moisture meter

The Hay Moisture Meter TK100H is a high-tech testing instrument in our company. The newly designed moisture meter with extensive probes suits to many hays moisture content testing, just as alfalfa, leymus chinensis, orchard grass, pennisetum hydridum and other hays.