Sesame Dewatering Machine

Capacity: 100-150 Kg/time. The machine adopts principle of high-speed centrifugal rotation to remove the surface water from the sesame after washing.


Sesame Dewatering Machine

Sesame Dewatering Machine

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Sesame Cooling machine

Capacity: 500-1000 Kg/h. The machine adopts air blowing and stirring way to cool the sesame seed, with the characteristics of feeding and discharging automatically, cooling fast and no damage.

Sesame Washing Machine

Capacity: 500-800 Kg/h.the machine adopts advance technology, By using the method of negative pressure feeding and spiral mixing, through the water cycle to get rid of the sand and dust in the sesame

Sesame Roaster

Capacity: 200-400 Kg/h.The machine can be heated by electric or natural gas. Adopts two-layers roller to make the material fully contacted the heating surface to roast evenly.

Grain Sesame Seed Processing Line

Capacity: 1-5 t/h (Base on sesame) Customized according to user requirements