5BH-5 Coated seed dryer

5BH-5 Coated seed dryer


Coated seed dryer seed dryer treatment seed dryer seed treatment drying machine seed drying seed coated dryer

5BH-5 Coated seed dryer

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5BYX-5 Seed coating machine

Max-Capacity: 5T/h (Base on wheat seed)

5BYX-2 Seed coating machine

Small type Seed coating machine

5XZC-15DXA Air screen seed cleaning and grading machine

Max-Capacity: 10T/h(Base on wheat seed) With 4 layers sieve. Large type air screen seed cleaning machine

5XFZ-20 Combination seed pre-cleaning machine

Max-Capacity: 10T/h (Base on wheat seed) Double air aspiration+ Vibration screen+ Gravity table