HFX-ⅠWind Sorter

Using completely uniform air flow, can be divided into heavy, medium, light and the product type dust four classes.

Min 32 Color Sorter

High Resolution 4096 Pixel CCD Camera,High Reliability And Long Life LED Light Source. *Efficient And Stable Software System, Intelligent Algorism, User Friendly Interface. *Better Sorting Accuracy , Lower Carryover, And Bigger Production Capacity.

5XZ-5A Gravity table

Max-capacity: 5T/h (Base on wheat seed)

5XZ-5B Gravity table

Max-capacity: 6T/h (Base on wheat seed) with side opening

5XZ-8 Gravity table

Max-capacity: 8T/h (Base on wheat seed)

5XZ-10 Gravity table

Max-capacity: 10T/h (Base on wheat seed)

5XJC-5 Gravity separator

Max-Capacity: 5T/h (Base on wheat seed) Air suction type gravity table

5XFS-100 Air Screen Cleaner (Laboratory use)

Max-capacity: 100Kg/h(Base on wheat seed) for Laboratory use

5XZC-200 Mini-type Seed selection machine

Max-Capacity: 200Kg/h(Base on wheat seed) for small-scale seed and grain unit to clean and process.

5XZC-3B Air screen cleaner

Max-Capacity: 3T/h(Base on wheat seed)

5XZC-5BX Air screen cleaner

Max-Capacity: 5T/h(Base on wheat seed) With 3 layers sieve. .

5XZC-5DX Air screen cleaner um classifier

Max-Capacity: 5T/h(Base on wheat seed) With 4 layers sieve.
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