TJD-800 Seed Neatness Workbench

TJD-800 Seed neatness workbench solid wood workbench wood workbench

TJD-900 Vertical Seed neatness Workbench

TJD-900 Vertical Seed neatness Workbench

TJD-1300 Vertical Seed neatness Workbench

TJD-1300 Vertical Seed neatness Workbench

SL-N Electronic Balance

SL-N Electronic Balance Brand-new and unique appearance,STN wide visual angle and liquid-crystal display,back light.

JY Electronic Balance

JY Electronic Balance Streamline appearance, compact design, easy to carry and AC&DC operation

FA-N/A-N Electronic Balance

FA-N/A-N Electronic Balance automatic failure detection, zero position tracing, STN wide visual angle,back light, Liquid-crystal display, various measuring unit conversion

BM-100 Biological Microscope

BM-100 Biological Microscope The microscope is a precision instrument, both optically and mechanically, and will last a lifetime with a minimum of maintenance.

JJSG22×12 Seed test sieve

JJSG22×12 Seed test sieve This product is to test the grains particles, impurity rate and sample the rice, bran powder content to determine its quality level of a test instrument.
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