PG-3 Beans polishing machine

Max-Capacity: 2T/h (Base on soybean)

PG-5 Beans polishing machine

Max-Capacity: 4T/h (Base on soybean)

PG-5D Beans polisher

Max-Capacity: 4T/h With Frequency Converter

PG-5T Beans polishing machine

Max-capacity: 4T/h Double Polishing Cylinder

PG-5DT Bean polishing machine

Max-Capacity: 4T/h Double Polishing Cylinder With Frequency Converter

PG-10 Large capacity beans polisher

Max-capacity: 8T/h Double Polishing Cylinder

CLX-5 Magnetic separator

Max-capacity: 8T/h

CJD50K-S15 semi-automatic packaging machine

Packing range: 1-60 Kg/bag Semi-automatic packaging machine

Beans peas processing line

Capacity: 4-10T/h According user's demond

Broad Bean Opening machine

Broad Bean Opening machine

Broad Bean Peeler

Broad Bean Peeler

5XZC-7.5BXCA Wheat combination cleaner

Max-Capacity: 7.5t/h (Base on wheat seed) Wheat huller+Air aspiration+Vibration screener
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